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Washers are disk-shaped components that provide enhanced control over locking and friction when used with other fasteners. These fasteners may also feature teeth, indentations, and other unique structural mechanisms for use in more specialized applications. In general, they serve a variety of functions, including preventing loosening of the fastener assembly, protecting the surface under a fastener, and distributing the pressure more evenly during installation and use.

Compared to nuts and bolts, washers have much fewer variants available. However, among the washer types, there remain important distinctions. Like nuts, washers should be complementary to your selected bolt and chosen to suit your unique fastening application.

Our Range Of Standard Washers Includes:

Beveled washers: Beveled washers are formed with a slightly angled surface, allowing them to join materials that are not parallel to one another.
Flat Washers: Flat washers are the most common type of washer. They provide a larger surface area for better load distribution. Different thicknesses are available for a variety of hold strengths.
Lock Washers: Lock washers come in many shapes, such as helices, toothed rings, conical, or spring, each designed to prevent slippage of fasteners in demanding applications. They are commonly used in environments that experience high levels of vibration.
Structural Washers: Structural washers are one of the most heavy-duty washer options available. These thick fasteners are designed to withstand the high load pressures of construction.

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